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Stringing Profits Begin with Education

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After the stringer establishes his/herself as the bonafide expert, he/she needs to educate the remaining club personnel. This includes everyone from Tennis Director to the front desk staff. The purpose of this second step of the education process is simple. Even though most of the staff will defer to your expertise, it is very important that everyone who works at the club be able to speak intelligently about racquets and strings. It is impossible for you to be everywhere all the time. The club staff will act as a network or sales force, if you will, to sell the stringing product. Your members and clients must believe that your club staff is a highly competent and qualified source of information. By being well educated in your field, you can then gain the trust and confidence of the people who want and need your services. 

The final stage of the education process is to communicate the importance of proper racquet stringing and racquet fit to your client. If the customer already values your opinion, he/she is likely to have an open mind when you speak of the benefits of restringing their racquet. The rule of thumb is to have your racquet restrung as many times per year as you play per week with a minimum of twice a year. Realistically, if you have one thousand members, you should be stringing at least two thousand racquets per year. This is just at your club. If you become a very good stringer with an exceptional reputation, clients will come to you from all over your area.

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