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The Importance of Racquet Strings and Stringing

Just how important are the strings in a racquet? Most of the time, strings are given the last consideration by the player and even the tennis pro. I find this to be absolutely ironic because the first and last thing that the ball touches is the racquet string. Racquet technology has come a very long way. Manufacturers, the pros, and the tennis playing public are always talking about what's hot in racquet technology. Everyone is discussing the pros and cons of this year's new introductions and how, if at all, they will have any affect on the game of tennis. In fact, racquets are always considered first when someone speaks of equipment and 'impact on the game' in the same sentence.

The truth of the matter is that string technology has also come a very long way. It is just that nobody knows about it. Furthermore, not many people even care about these new advances. For the most part, stringing and racquet strings are the last thing on everyone's mind. Racquet stringing is a lost art, and by some standards, not even considerd an art at all. I find this disturbing because not everyone can string a racquet. It takes great technical expertise to find the correct blend that will produce just the optimal string job for a particular racquet.

Racquet strings are as important to tennis and success as the tennis shoes on your feet. Billions and billions of dollars are spent each year on tennis shoes in the USA. Kids, teens and adults alike go out of their way to find new technology in footwear. Let's look at what is important to them. Fit, size, color, comfort, support, cushion, durability and air. The shoe has to be just right! So, why shouldn't racquet strings be just as important! I believe that it is due to lack of education. That, and the unwillingness to be educated about a subject that is presumed to be unimportant. Let's get our facts straight. Racquet strings are abundent and play a very significant Role. There are over 500 types of racquet strings on the market today. Like racquets, some are good, some average and some not so good. But, just like our tennis shoes, racquet strings have to be the right fit. What should be important to us? Playability, gauge, soft or hard feel, durability, comfort, solid cores, multifilament cores, aramids, coatings and colors just to name a few. These components are necessary knowledge for everyone involved in tennis. But it is up to the tennis pro, sales person and racquet stringer to gather, interpret and share this knowledge with the public. These professionals must position themselves in such a way that they carry the message of the importence of the racquet string and the quality or non quality of installing them.

Should racquet strings be routinely changed? Find out.

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