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It's All About Finding the Correct SPEC

Everyone who has a business should develop a business plan and/or philosophy. What is more important is that the day to day operation is run within the framework of the guidelines that have been set. Over the years my stringing business has seen many changes. During that time, I have come to realize what is most important in order to run a successful stringing operation. I call it SPEC and I try to live by this philosophy each and every stringing day. 

The 'S' stands for service. Nothing out performs excellent service. Not even money! In other words, people pay a little extra when the service is better. The customer always appreciates extra attention. I offer 24 hour service and most of the time the racquet has been strung within five hours of receipt. I also string by appointment. This really helps out my customers who live further away from my shop. Some clients drop off the racquet(s) and then go grocery shopping. Others just hang out and talk with me about their game or new industry trends. Some just read a book or watch TV or a video. The point is not what they do while you are stringing for them, it's the options that they have. The options that you offer them. I also make it a point to offer a vast variety of strings and grips. If the customer wants it, I have it. If I don't have it in stock, I find it within the working day. A word of caution here. If you don't have what they want, be careful not to talk a client into something different. You may just lose a customer. They came in with a preconceived idea and if you try to change their mind, you may create a situation of doubt and confusion. In the long run, you will build stronger business relationships by providing better service. It may cost you more time and energy but you will have gained one more loyal customer. 

The 'P' in "SPEC" is for patience. You must be patient with both the customer and your work. Listening is an acquired skill. When servicing the public, the person who listens better will probably be the person who profits more. Find out what the client really wants and needs. You are there to offer advice, not to impose your thoughts or beliefs. In addition, take care not to rush while stringing your clients racquets. You've just done a good job defining their needs and wants. Take it a step further by delivering a product that exudes care and artistic skill. Your work is your reputation!

What do the 'E' and 'C' in SPEC represent? Find out now.

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