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Private Stringing Lessons

Would you like to learn how to string racquets or sharpen your skills to become more effective and sought after as a racquet stringer? Consider private stringing lessons from Master Racquet Technician, Mark Campanile a.k.a. The Racquet Man. 

Since 1980, Mark has been stringing and customizing racquets for all levels of play. His reputation as an industry leader in racquets, strings, and stringing technology led him to be named America's Top Stringer in 1990. Mark can teach you the basics to get you started in a new stringing business or he can help you develop your skills to reach new levels of competence and expertise.

Whatever your needs, Mark Campanile has the knowledge, experience, and technical skills to help you achieve your goals.

Contact Mark Campanile at (847) 480-7841 or

email for further information or to schedule an appointment.

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